“On your big day, keep your thoughts on your happiness and let your happiness be our first thought”

Hard work beforehand, and keen attention while it’s underway: that’s the secret to a perfect wedding reception. RM Glamour will conceive, plan, and manage every detail and every aspect of the celebration according to your requests, devoting special thought to its style, organization, and aesthetics. One of our staff members will be assigned to you for the entire duration of the job, as your go-to for every doubt, question, and request for assistance or advice. So you won’t have a care in the world, at the center of the wedding you've always dreamed of.


“Just write the words ‘I do’ in your hearts… and let us handle the paperwork”

A wedding is also a legal contract which requires gathering information, following procedures, getting proper counsel and preparing official documents. But don’t worry, because RM Glamour can guide you through this process, adapting to all bureaucratic demands, personal beliefs, and traditions. And we’ll provide invaluable assistance with the paperwork as well, so you won’t lose time or sleep over it.


“On the day that your love blooms, our flowers will blossom with the same joy"

After the bride and groom, the flowers are always the most eye-catching part of the wedding. Arrangements that adorn every space involved in the ceremony; the bouquet that accompanies the bride to the altar; the boutonniere that adds a touch of color to the bridegroom’s suit; the decorations for the car and for the reception venue. RM Glamour can provide creative, experienced florists who are skilled at interpreting your requests and transforming them into the perfect look, overseeing the site visit and choice of colors, the design and the most creative layout. And so, with total peace of mind, you can enjoy a setting in full flower. E così, in piena tranquillità, potrete godere di un fior fiore di palcoscenico.


“Your wedding is a joyous day just for you, which our beautiful images will capture forever"

The day after the party, photos and videos are what linger on to preserve the fleeting moment of your wedding for years to come. A lifetime decision deserves a job that will last forever. RM Glamour has chosen highly experienced photographers and cameramen to capture all the special moments during your big day, immortalizing them for you and your loved ones. Your tastes will be perfectly expressed, in a way that fully respects your preferences and budget.


“Your party will get swinging to the melody of our entertainment”

There’s no celebration without music, no moment of joy that doesn’t call for its own soundtrack. And it’s our job to write the score for the great concert of your wedding. RM Glamour can stir your soul with classical music, lighten the mood with pop or jazz, get you boogying with disco or a dj, or thrill you with a live band. There’s no genre or sound that we can’t provide, to make sure every moment in the day has the perfect soundtrack, the ideal musical backdrop. And if there are kids to entertain, we always know how to do that and who to call.


“For a bang-up surprise, we’ll set the sky on fire as your grand finale"

A sudden boom, and then dancing sparks of color light up the sky: your guests’ faces will be filled with surprise and an almost childlike joy. Fireworks can be the perfect happy ending to a fairytale day. Of course, you can cap off your wedding this way only if the reception lasts into the evening. We usually suggest starting the fireworks display just as the cake is cut. RM Glamour knows how to organize things and who to call to make this event magnificent. So your guests will be left speechless.


“At your wedding, let yourselves be carried away by our dreams on wheels”

Climbing into the vehicle of your dreams is the first step in the wedding you’ve always longed for. It might be a luxury car or antique automobile – prestigious, whimsical, sporty or just plain funny – but it’s the means of transport that can take you to the ceremony, to the photo shoot, to the reception venue. You decide what it should be and RM Glamour will find it for you. And if it’s not a car, it could be a horsedrawn carriage or an even more unusual vehicle. We can also arrange transportation for members of the wedding party or for guests, with private cars, minivans and large buses. So that even the trip to get there becomes a fascinating part of your unforgettable experience.


“It’s just the right canvas for your masterpiece, the place that makes the party”

Getting married in Tuscany is a unique opportunity to enjoy one of the most popular regions in Italy – or in the world, for that matter – especially given the beauty and variety of the settings that can house your ceremony, reception, and more. Aristocratic villas and medieval castles, country estates and enchanted villages: Tuscany has all this and more. Choose what you want the style and mood of your big day to be and RM Glamour definitely has the location that’s right for you. And the stage we offer will create an unforgettable spectacle for you and your guests.


“The pivotal scene of cutting the cake is made all the more special by our sumptuous creations”

The entrance of the wedding cake is one of the most important moments at a reception: everyone is waiting for it to appear, expectations are running high, and the great spectacle finally arrives. RM Glamour can provide pastry chefs who are not just highly experienced, but extremely creative, so you can choose from a vast range of options or have them design a sweet masterpiece especially for you. To share its delicious beauty with your guests.


“We devote every effort to your wellbeing and to the comfort of your guests”

Getting married in Tuscany with guests who arrive from elsewhere entails the need for well-planned and organized hotel bookings. This region offers some of the finest locations in Italy, with enchanted landscapes and enchanting architecture, art and nature, atmosphere and tradition. For your wedding, RM Glamour has selected the best accommodation in Florence, Siena, Pisa, Volterra, Lucca, San Gimignano or Certaldo, Chianti, and on the Tuscan coast. So your celebration can become a fantastic vacation that makes the fun last even longer.


“Your beauty lies inside you, we’ll just help bring it out”

On their wedding day, both the bride and groom are filled with the beauty of the emotion shining in their eyes and their smiles. But RM Glamour can make sure that their outer appearance is flawless, with beauticians and makeup artists, hairdressers and stylists. So you’ll be a professional masterpiece, the gorgeous stars of your very own set.


“The secret ingredient in your menu is the exclusive nature of our recipes”

Tuscany is a land that has built a reputation on fine cuisine and high-quality ingredients. RM Glamour tops this off with a true obsession for detail in both food and service, when organizing a complex, important occasion like your wedding luncheon or dinner. From the menu, to the setting, to the number of courses, to the pairings of food and wine, to the serving time, to the staff, we put meticulous care into the planning, whether for classic, creative, or ethnic banquets, beach barbecues or open-air buffets. So that dining will be more than just a pleasure, it’ll be an experience that touches the soul.


“When the party's over, our ideas have only just started"

A wedding in Tuscany offers exclusive advantages not just for the day of the wedding, but for the days that follow, with ideas, activities, and options that can turn out to be genuine once-in-a-lifetime experiences. For your and your guests, RM Glamour can organize guided tours and themed outings, visits to wineries and olive presses, balloon rides, cooking classes, horseback rides, and much, much more. So that more extraordinary experiences will be engraved on your memory, never to be forgotten.



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